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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Tribute to E.L. Hebden Taylor (1925-2006): British Export to North America

My paper on Stacey Hebden Taylor has know been published in Pro Rege:

Bishop, Steve (2016) "Tribute to E.L. Hebden Taylor (1925-2006): British Export to North America," Pro Rege: Vol. 44: No. 4, 1 - 8.
Available at:


Karl W/ A K said...

Much appreciated, Steve. Recently bought a cheap hardback of Reformation or Revolution, which I hope to start reading sometime soon.

Baus said...

This is great! Thanks, Steve.
I have a question and a comment:
question: Is his proper family/surname "Hebden Taylor" (a double, but unhyphenated name)?
comment: I think one of his most profound contributions is his principled commitment to the free market (upon Reformational principles), and against all forms of socialistic and "mixed" govt-interventionist economics.
His essays and lectures in economics and "political economy" are wonderful. If he had continued to follow the logic of this thinking, I sense he would have arrived at a more consistent Reformational anti-statism, because the *monopoly* of the state is inconsistent with its task of administering civil justice.

Steve said...

Hi Gregory

That's a good question! His brother is Sir Cyril Taylor - but Stacey seems to use it as a double barrelled name. His children have Taylor as a surname.



Taylor said...

He is a Hebden-Taylor as well as all of his children - he is my grandfather!