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Saturday, 28 November 2015

M D Stafleu a new book and website

Dick Stafleu writes: It is my pleasure to announce my new book: Laws for dynamic development. ... The book will not appear in print, but is available from

General introduction

Part I: Time and again 
General laws for the development of relations

  1. Framework
  2. Number and space
  3. Metric and measurement
  4. The dynamic development of kinematics
  5. Interaction
  6. Irreversibility
  7. Wave packets
  8. Individuality and probability
  9. Probability in quantum physics

Part II: Emerging structures 
Specific laws for natural evolution

10. Structures of individuality 
11. Physical characters 
12. Biotic characters 
13. Inventory of behaviour characters

Part III: Acts, artefacts and associations
Dynamic principles for historical development

14. Ethics and normativity 
15. Time and history 
16. Dynamic engines of historical development 
17. The development of human-made structures 
18. The open future of the public domain

1 comment:

ChristianTrader said...

Can you suggest that he turn this work into a kindle file. It would seem much more useful to many people without the cost of going print.