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Friday, 25 April 2014

British Calvinists: John Spilsbury (1593-c.1668)

John Spilsbury (1593-c. 1668) is one of the pioneers and prominent leaders of the Particular Baptists. Particular Baptists were so-called because of their belief in particular, or limited atonement.

Spilsbury was originally a London cobbler. He became involved with Henry Jessey's church in London, probably the first Particular Baptist church. He was one of the main - if not only - author of the First London Confession of Faith (1644). 

His main theological contributions, other than the First London Confession of Faith were defending believers' baptism and the defence of particular redemption. He sought to distance the particular Baptists from the paedobaptists and the General Baptists. 

Further reading

Reniham, James M. (1998) "John Spilsbury(1593-c. 1662/8) In Michael A. G. Haykin The British Particular Baptists 1638-191 Volume 1. Springfield, MI: Particular Baptist Press. 

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