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"If God is sovereign, then his lordship must extend over all of life, and it cannot be restricted to the walls of the church or within the Christian orbit." Abraham Kuyper Common Grace 1.1.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Kuyper's Common Grace 1.1

According to George Harink and Jordon Ballor on Twitter, the publication of the first volume (excluding Wisdom & Wonder) of Kuyper's Common Grace is now published.

Here's a glimpse of the front cover:

Update: More details on publisher's site here.

Here's the full contents of volume 1- the above is part 1 (Adam -Noah)



Abraham Kuyper 


 1. Introduction
 2. The starting point of the doctrine
 3. The Noahic covenant is not particular
 4. The spiritual and material significance of the Noahic covenant
 5. The blessings of the Noahic covenant
 6. The ordinances of the Noahic covenant
 7. The protection of human life
 8. The institution of capital punishment
 9. The institution of capital punishment (continued)
10. The institution of capital punishment (continued)
11. The institution of civil authority
12. The new dispensation

Part 2?
13. From Noah back to Paradise
14. The Paradise narrative history
15. The state of rectitude
16. The original lifespan
17. The Tree of Life
18. Natural or supernatural?
19. The crown of creation
20. Perfect integrity
21. Original righteousness
22. Conscience and the covenant of works
23. The starting point for further development
24. The language of Paradise
25. The probationary command
26. Being like God
27. Knowing as self-examination
28. Undergoing death
29. In that day
30. Forms of grace
31. Damnation and grace
32. Establishing enmity
33. Recreation
34. Decay unleashed in the heart
35. Decay unleashed in the body
36. Decay unleashed in nature
37. From Paradise to the Flood
38. From Paradise to the Flood (continued)
39. The Flood as an act of judgment and an act of grace
40. After the Flood
41. Babel’s tower building
42. The confusion of languages

Part 3?
43. Abraham’s universalist calling
44. Abraham’s history
45. Abraham and Melchizedek
46. Isolation as a merely temporary interlude
47. The great secret
48. No oasis in the wilderness
49. Symbol and type
50. Israel for the sake of the nations.
51. Jehovah and the nations
52. The Messiah and Israel
53. The light in the darkness
54. The Baptizer
55. The sparks in the pagan world
56. The sparks extinguished
57. Preference of the pagans
58. The continued effects of decay
59. Continued effects according to a fixed law
60. The process of sin
61. The final decision
62. Ongoing gains
63. Fruit for eternity
64. The connection between this and the future life
65. The relationship between this and eternal life
66. The connection of this life with the life to come
67. Review


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

How does this relate to Wisdom and Wonder?



Steve Bishop said...

Hi Simon,
What we know know as Wisdom & Wonder was originally part of the De Heraut newspaper series on common grace. When the sereis was published in the 3 vol book form (in 1902, 1903 and 1904) W&W was omitted (a publisher's mistake), so it was subsequently published in Dutch separately in 1905.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Steve