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"If God is sovereign, then his lordship must extend over all of life, and it cannot be restricted to the walls of the church or within the Christian orbit." Abraham Kuyper Common Grace 1.1.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Kloosterman on Kuyper's Institution : Organism ~ Lamp : Light

Nelson Kloosterman offers another excellent insight from Abraham Kuyper's Common Grace:
Consider this formula:
Institution : Organism ~ Lamp : Light 
That formula contains the secret to the gospel’s public influence.
Interestingly, in volume 2, chapter 35, of Common Grace, Kuyper explains this formula as the cornerstone of his critique of the concept of the national church, which—because it sees itself as coterminous with the Christian gospel—is compelled to place under the aegis of the church as institution any cultural activity that is to be transformed by the gospel. Activities like science, art, education, politics, economics, etc. In short, because it fails to distinguish church from nation, the national church ends up incorporating the world into the church.

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