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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Klaas Schilder (1890-1952)

Klaas Schilder (1890-1952)

1890 born 19 December in Kampen. The son of Johannes Schilder and Grietje (nee Leydekker).
1909 studied at Theological College of the Reformed Churches
1914 graduated cum laude. Becomes pastor a the church in Ambt-Vollenhove. Marries Anna Johanna Walter. Pastors churches in Vlaardingen, Gorinchem, Delft and Oegstgeest.
1920 De Reformatie begins publication
1928 Preacher in the church at Rotterdam-Delfshaven. Studies at Frederick-Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany.
1933 His doctoral dissertation Zur Begriffgeschichte Des 'Paradoxon' [The Historical Concept of 'Paradox'] published.
1934 emeritus minister of the church at Delfshaven
1934 Lecturer at Kampen
1935 Appointed head editor of De Reformatie
1939 Visits America
1940 Germany invades the Netherlands. Schilder arrested by the Nazis and held at Arnhem until December 1940
1942 July has to go into hiding from the Nazis until August 1944.
1943 Writes to Synod to say he can't support ruling on presumptive regeneration
1944 March suspended then deposed (August) as emeritus-minister of Delfshaven and professor at the Theological College.
1944 August Schilder and supporters issue “The Declaration of Liberation or Return”
1944 Foundation of the new Liberated Churches
1945 De Reformatie restarts publication
1947 Second visit to America 1952 dies on 23 March

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