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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

When Herman met Jack part 2

Continuing a Conversation Between C S Lewis and Herman Dooyeweerd - imagined by Paulo Ribeiro

CSL - Herman I heard of your problems with the Gestapo during the war.  I am so glad you knew Amsterdam better than those sniffing dogs.

HD - Oh, I also realized that since 1933 you were denouncing the Nazis in your Pilgrims’ Regress and then in the Screwtape Letters and in Mere Christianity you mentioned the Nazis several times and the Gestapo twice.

CSL – But I am not sure that if they had invaded I could find a safe place in Oxford - especially at the University.  Some professors would be glad to see me go somewhere.

HD – Sad times, indeed.  But it is good to know that in the religious centre of our existence we can transcend time.

CSL – Without forgetting that except in the present the eternal be can met.

HD – I heard of your Inklings group - - - does the pub where you meet serve good meals?

CSL – Yes, I forgot the time - - - let us walk there.

To be continued: on music

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