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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Koers - Bulletin for Christian Scholarship 77(2) - now available

Koers - Bulletin for Christian Scholarship
Vol 77, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents

Developing a scientific culture through supervision (11 pages)
Danie F.M. Strauss

Empowering and disempowering students in student– supervisor relationships (8 pages)
Salome Schulze

A critical consideration of ethical foundations for the accounting profession (7 pages)
Pieter Buys, Susan Visser, Merwe Oberholzer

Human reproductive cloning and biotechnology: Rational, ethical and public concerns (9 pages)
M.E.S. (Elbie) van den Berg

A post-Jungian perspective on the psychological development of Afrikaner cultural identity (10 pages)
Martina Kotzé, Loura Griessel

How should agriculture produce enough food for the world? (8 pages)
Petrus Simons

Changes in epistemic frameworks: Random or constrained? (10 pages)
Ananka Loubser

The capability of national education systems to address ethnic diversity (10 pages)
Charl C. Wolhuter, Ferdinand J. Potgieter, Johannes L. van der Walt

Another look at education from a Christian stewardship perspective (7 pages)
Johannes L. van der Walt

’n Skoolhoof se persepsies van die verwesenliking van Christelike waardes in ’n Suid-Afrikaanse laerskool: ’n Gevallestudie (10 pages) Gertruida M. Steyn

Contextualising theological education in Africa by doing theology in a missional hermeneutic (8 pages)
H. Jurgens Hendriks

Proverbs 31:10−31: A passage containing wisdom principles for a successful marriage (9 pages)
Robin Gallaher Branch

Vroue se belewenis van eensaamheid na die verlies van ’n lewensmaat: ’n Beskrywing van narratiewe pastorale betrokkenheid (9 pages)
Annamarie de Beer, Jan-Albert van den Berg

Pastorale berading aan persone geaffekteer deur MIV (8 pages)
Francois G. Minnie, George A. Lotter

Book Reviews

Danie Strauss: Philosophy as discipline of disciplines (3 pages)
Sander Griffioen

Christus Jesus, die Krag van God en die Wysheid van God (2 pages)
H. Dijkstra

Tanzanian Christian eco-ethics: Beyond ethics and theology (2 pages) Jean du Toit

Die herhaalde verskyning van transendensie in verskeie kulturele fenomene (1 page) Anné H. Verhoef

Contributions on the interplay between technology, culture and development (2 pages) G.P. van Rheede van Oudtshoorn

Kan ons nog in God glo? (1 page) F.P. Kruger

ʼn Heuristiese model van vier tipes transendensie (2 pages) Anné H. Verhoef

Valuable contribution to the study of multilingualism in South Africa (2 pages) G.P. van Rheede van Oudtshoorn

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