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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Michael B Thompson on the New Perspective

The New Perspective on Paul
Michael B. Thompson
Grove Books, revised edn 2010
Biblical Series B26
ISBN 9781851745180
28pp, pbk, £3.95

This short accessible book examines the controversial issue of the New Perspective on Paul. Often this debate has generated more heat than light, but Thompson has produced an excellent eirenical introduction that will help illuminate the debate.

He examines the problems with the Lutheran view that shaped the 'old perspective' and looks at how Sanders, Dunn  and Wright have responded to that. He then looks at the benefits and the threats of the New Perspective in an even-handed way.

If you wondered what the New perspective is all about, then there is perhaps no better first place to look at than this booklet. A page of further reading is provided for those who want to take the issues further.

A scrapple summary of the book is available here.

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