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Monday, 28 May 2012

Bavinck's organic motif: mindmap of Eglinton's Trinity and Organism Ch 3

Mindmap of James Eglinton's Trinity and Organism chapter 3 'Bavinck's Organic Motif'.

Eglinton examines Bavinck's organic motif and finds that Veenhof's use of it flawed. The motif is not as universally defined or as homogeneous as supposed. Van Eck's examination of it has shown that such a view is wrong. Veenhof's approach is to assuem that Bavinck's use is defined by a historical-etymological approach. A better way is to see how Bavinck uses the metaphor. Mattson suggests that it comes from  Reformed theology. This is supported by the fact that Kuyper sues such a term and that Josef Bohatec has traced it sue to Calvin.

The organic motif is best seen in the light of a reformed trinitarianism rather than Idealism - contra Veenhof.

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