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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Tom Wright for Everyone by Stephen Kuhrt - a review

Tom Wright for Everyone
Putting the theology of N. T. Wright into the practice of the local church
Stephen Kuhrt
SPCK, 2011
ISBN 978-0-281-06393-2
160 pp; £9.99

Theology shapes practice. Here Stephen Khurt, a vicar in New Malden, has shown how Tom Wright's theology has shaped his church. His aim in this book is to 'encourage a greater engagement with Tom Wright's theology'. 

This book works on many levels: it is an excellent introduction to the largely pietist contemporary evangelicalism in the UK (ch 2); it is a great bird's-eye summary of Tom Wright's career (ch 1) and theology (ch 3); and it shows how the latter can change the former with positive results (ch 4-7).

Khurt has written before briefly of sssh-free church and the impact Wright's ideas have had on that. Here he shows further how Wright's ideas have shaped his church's approach to pastoral care, mission and church life. Ideas really do have legs!

For ordinands this book will be a God-send. Not only does it introduce them to one of the most stimulating theologians of our age but it shows how theology can really shape practice with positive results. May the lessons Khurt has gleaned from Wright shape other congregations for the better.

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Owlb said...

I didn't realize this was the case: "largely pietist contemporary evangelicalism in the UK"