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Friday, 22 April 2011

A Light to the Nations - Michael W. Goheen

A Light to the Nations
The Missional Church and the Biblical Story
Michael W. Goheen
Baker Academic: Grand Rapids, 2011
ISBN 978-0-8010-3141-0, pbk, pp 242 + xiii, £14.20.

A full review is available in Koers as html and pdf.

The concept of mission has been shaped by nineteenth-century assumptions: mission is a matter of geography, it is a cross-cultural activity done by a select few individuals; some are called to mission others are not. This book book exposes these erroneous view and places mission in the context of Israel and the church. It provides a whistle-stop overview of 'the missional impulse in the biblical narrative'. It begins to explore the missional roots of the church in the Old and New Testaments. Many missional books neglect the Old Testament, Goheen does much here to redress the imbalance.

This book is inspiring and insightful - it should be required reading for all those who take the lordship of Christ seriously.

A website accompanies the book:
There is a two page list of further reading, an eight-page subject index and a six-page Scripture index.

1. The Church's Identity and Role: Whose Story? Which Images?
2. God Forms Israel as a Missional People
3. Israel Embodies Its Missional Role and Identity amid the Nations
4. Jesus Gathers an Eschatological People to Take Up Their Missional Calling
5. The Death and Resurrection of Jesus and the Church's Missional Identity
6. The Missional Church in the New Testament Story
7. New Testament Images of the Missional Church
8. The Missional Church in the Biblical Story--A Summary
9. What Might This Look Like Today?

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