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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Great news on Dooyeweerd publications - they will now be affordable!

Kerry Hollingsworth of Reformatonal Publishing Project recently announced on thinknet:

The Reformational Publishing Project and Paideia Press are very pleased to announce that we will be publishing new translations of major writings in The Collected Works of Herman Dooyeweerd as well as republishing older volumes that have already appeared under the Mellon imprint. The first new work, The Crisis In Humanist Political Theory, 214 pages, $9.00 is published and is now available at Amazon immediately.

The next volume to appear will be the publication of the second volume of Reformation and Scholasticism in Philosophy which we hope will be available in the early Summer. Subsequent volumes will include the third volume of Reformation and Scholasticism in Philosophy, as well as titles from the five volume The Encyclopedia of the Science of Law.

After these works we will begin to republish all of the titles that have already been published but in a standard six by nine format with paper cover. It is presently our aim to produce all of these several volumes for under twenty dollars. Most volumes should appear in the nine dollar to fifteen dollar range. The Works of Dooyeweerd will now be available in professionally produced editions but at completely affordable prices.

We are presently planning for the publication of twenty five volumes. They will appear in the same series setup already established by the general editor Danie Strauss, namely an A, B, and C series.

My copy of The Crisis in Humanist Political Thought has just arrived.

The book was originally published [in Dutch] in 1931. In the preface Dooyeweerd writes: "For the time being this book may serve a more systematic account of the fundamentals of the theory of knowledge and the view of reality I have worked out at length in my forthcoming book De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee."

The crisis mentioned in the title is 'best described as one of "a theory of the state without a state"' (p. 1)

Editor's Foreword
Author's Preface

Part I
The crisis in humanist political theory and modern attempts to resolve it

1 Origin and nature of the crisis in humanist political theory
2. The humanist view of reality and epistemologv behind the crisis of humanist political theory
3. Nominalistic individualism and the elimination of meaning-individual structural differences of temporal reality as a result of this view of reality and its epistemologv. Its manifestation in modern humanist political theory
4 The crisis of the humanist personality ideal beneath the crisis of
humanist political theory
5. The modern reaction to the crisis in humanist political theory. Attempts to reconstruct it on the basis of a dialectical phenomenology. The Berlin School and the Integration Theory. The new humanist view of reality and epistemologv in this theory.

Part II
A Calvinist view of the state versus the crisis in humanist political theory

1. The meaning-structure of cosmic reality in light of the Christian idea of law and subject
2. The meaning-individual thing-structure of organized human communities. The refutation of the reasoning of dialectical phenomenology. A critical examination of the theory of organized communities as advanced by Gierke and Preuss
3. The relation between political theory, the discipline of constitutional law and sociology in the light of our Calvinist cosmology. Political theory as a cosmological theory of the structure of the state. The cosmological principle of sphere-sovereignty as applied to the question of juridical competence. Rejection of pluralist (syndicalist) theories

Appendix A-F
Works Cited
Index of Names
Index of Subjects

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