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"If God is sovereign, then his lordship must extend over all of life, and it cannot be restricted to the walls of the church or within the Christian orbit." Abraham Kuyper Common Grace 1.1.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

All of life redeemed - over 500 articles on-line

It has been just over five years since I started the website All of life redeemed. There are now over 500 articles on the site; here's a list of them:

Author Title
Basden, Andrew Practically Critical: Making the Critical Approach More Useful
Basden, Andrew A Different Way of Approaching Data Models and KR [knowledge representation] Ontologies
Basden, Andrew The Notion of Lifeworld Applied to Information Systems Research.
Basden, Andrew On Using Spheres of Meaning to Define and Dignify the IS Disciplin
Basden, Andrew On the ontological status of virtual environments
Basden, Andrew A new framework for sustainability
Basden, Andrew Beyond emancipation
Basden, Andrew A philosophical underpinning for IT evaluation
Basden, Andrew The critical theory of Herman Dooyeweerd?
Basden, Andrew A Philosophical Underpinning For ISD
Basden, Andrew A Philosophical Enrichment of CATWOE
Basden, Andrew Enriching critical theory
Basden, Andrew Levels of guidance
Basden, Andrew Emancipation as if it mattered
Basden, Andrew On Appealing to Philosophy in Information Systems
Basden, Andrew Enriching humanist thought
Basden, Andrew Information systems as a life-world
Basden, Andrew Fresh light thrown on the Chinese room'
Basden, Andrew A brief overview of Dooyeweerd's philosophy
Basden, Andrew Frameworks for understanding IS and ICT
Basden, Andrew Understanding everyday experience and use of facebook and games
Basden, Andrew A slow journey yowards socila theory in IS
Baus, Gregory  Dooyeweerd's societal sphere sovereignty: neither tax based nor laissez-faire
Beldman, Dave Toward a Missional Approach to Christian Scholarship in the Theological Disciplines
Bert Witvoet  'Interview with Pete Steen'
Bishop, Steve Reformational Studies: B J van der Walt bibliography
Bishop, Steve  Brief Biography of Herman Dooyeweerd
Bishop, Steve Beliefs shapes mathematics
Bishop, Steve Mathematics and the myth of neutrality
Bishop, Steve Review of Hartley
Botha, Elaine Metaphor and embodiemnt
Botha, Elaine Propsects for a Christian philosophy
Botha, Elaine Metpahor and analogy revisited
Botha, Elaine Christian scholarship for reconciliation?
Botha, Elaine Humanizing the natural science
Botha, Elaine The puzzling problem of pluralism
Botha, Elaine Mechanics and dynamistic readings of the force metaphor in Faraday
Botha, Elaine Metaphor, embodiement and fiduciary beliefs in science
Botha, Elaine Metaphors, domains and embodiemnts
Botha, Elaine Discipling the scholar and teaching the teacher
Botha, Elaine Cluster, roots and hierarchies of metaphors ..
Botha, Elaine Understanding our age
Botha, Elaine The mediating role of metaphor and analogy
Botha, Elaine Cultural universals - so what?
Botha, Elaine Cluster, roots and hierarchies of (religious) metaphors ..
Cameron, Alan Coarse on law and economics
Cameron, Alan Implications of Dooyeweerd's legal philosophy
Cameron, Alan A reformational perpective on law and justice
Cameron, Alan Dooyeweerd on law and morality: legal ethics - a test case
Cameron, Alan Law, justice and ethics
Clouser, Roy A post Christmas reflection
Clouser, Roy Me? Major in Philosophy?
Clouser, Roy Can we know God is real?
Clouser, Roy Dooyeweerd on religion and faith
Clouser, Roy Is belief in God made obselete by science?
Clouser, Roy A third view of rights and law
Clouser, Roy A blueprint for non-reductionsist theory of reality
Clouser, Roy  Reason and Belief in God
Clouser, Roy  A Critique of Descartes and Heisenberg
Clouser, Roy  A Critique of Historicism
Clouser, Roy  A Sketch of Dooyeweerd's Philosophy of Science"
Clouser, Roy  Aristotle's Theory of Incontinence
Clouser, Roy  Divine Accommodation: An Alternative Theory of Religious Language
Clouser, Roy  Genesis and Science on the Origin of the Human Race
Clouser, Roy  Is God Eternal?
Clouser, Roy  Is Theism Compatible with Evolution?
Clouser, Roy  Is There a Christian view of Everything from Soup to Nuts?
Clouser, Roy  On the General Relation of Religion, Metaphysics, and Science
Clouser, Roy  Religious Language: A New Look at an Old Problem 
Clouser, Roy  The Uniqueness of Dooyeweerd's Program for Philosophy and Science: Whence the Difference?"
Clouser, Roy  Two Watersheds of Biblical Interpretation
Clouser, Roy Faith Tectonics
Clouser, Roy Review of Body, Soul, and Life Everlasting by John Cooper
Clouser, Roy Review of The Challenge of Marxist and NeoMarxist Ideology  for Christian Scholarship
Clouser, Roy Puritanism on Authority
Clouser, Roy Genesis regained
Clouser, Roy Social norms and religious belief
Clouser, Roy Prospects for theistic science - 
De Graaf, Arnold A Critical Essay: An evaluation of James H. Olthuis
Diemer, J H Christ and modern natural science
E. L Hebden Taylor 'The Reformation and the development of modern science
Fackerell, Edward     A Christian perspective on teaching mathematics
Fackerell, Edward     The Relationship Between Mathematics and the Christian Faith
Fernhout, Harry Education in a pluralist society (1996)
Fernhout, Harry Christian schooling: telling a worldview story 
Goheen, Mike Creational Revelation, Scriptural Revelation, and Science
Goheen, Mike Organism of Revelation
Goudzwaard, Bob A journey for life
Goudzwaard, Bob An economy of care - 2 views
Goudzwaard, Bob And now the North
Goudzwaard, Bob Asking questions - making decisions
Goudzwaard, Bob calling or consensus?
Goudzwaard, Bob Case study: The Netherlands
Goudzwaard, Bob Centrally planned economies
Goudzwaard, Bob Christians in resistance to the neoliberal culture of war
Goudzwaard, Bob Do the ends justify the means?
Goudzwaard, Bob Economic growth - is more always better?
Goudzwaard, Bob English summary
Goudzwaard, Bob Enrichment, impoverishment and power exclusion
Goudzwaard, Bob Europe at crossroads
Goudzwaard, Bob Faith, economy and people movements
Goudzwaard, Bob Freedom, control and international justice
Goudzwaard, Bob Globalisation, economic theory and the role of modernity
Goudzwaard, Bob Globalization and Christian hope
Goudzwaard, Bob Globalization, climate change and the modern world-and-life view
Goudzwaard, Bob Have our gods failed us?
Goudzwaard, Bob How I wish North American evangelicals would influence US foreign policy
Goudzwaard, Bob Income differentials adrift
Goudzwaard, Bob Incomes and their distribution
Goudzwaard, Bob Introductory statement
Goudzwaard, Bob Making sense of post-modernity
Goudzwaard, Bob Mission in Western culture
Goudzwaard, Bob New horizons for economic reflection
Goudzwaard, Bob Not by bread alone
Goudzwaard, Bob Our gods have failed us
Goudzwaard, Bob Oxford declaration on Christian faith and economics (contributor)
Goudzwaard, Bob Perspectives of Christian Higher Education
Goudzwaard, Bob Planning economic systems and the future of our society
Goudzwaard, Bob poverty and dynamics of responsibility
Goudzwaard, Bob Preface to Capitalism & Progress
Goudzwaard, Bob Principles and political action
Goudzwaard, Bob Reclaiming our future, the vision of jubilee
Goudzwaard, Bob Reflections of the Budapest conference
Goudzwaard, Bob Religion and labour
Goudzwaard, Bob Reply
Goudzwaard, Bob Responsibility in a changing society
Goudzwaard, Bob Review of Duchow
Goudzwaard, Bob Scarcity of time
Goudzwaard, Bob Second Christian social congress in the Netherlands
Goudzwaard, Bob Seven Building stones
Goudzwaard, Bob Sketch of structural violence in the modern globalizing economy
Goudzwaard, Bob Socioeconomic life - a way of confession
Goudzwaard, Bob Summary of Phil Ref paper
Goudzwaard, Bob Taking more than our share
Goudzwaard, Bob The choice between what is and what ought to be
Goudzwaard, Bob The Christian and modern business enterprise
Goudzwaard, Bob The Christian and Modern Business prts 1-3
Goudzwaard, Bob The dynamic of the word of God in economics
Goudzwaard, Bob The global economy and climate change
Goudzwaard, Bob The global market
Goudzwaard, Bob The gospel and global climate change
Goudzwaard, Bob The overdevelopment of the west
Goudzwaard, Bob Toward an economy of caring and sharing
Goudzwaard, Bob Towards a  future of care
Goudzwaard, Bob Two reflections on Bible and economy
Goudzwaard, Bob We are people of the way
Goudzwaard, Bob What kind of Christianity in present-day Europe
Goudzwaard, Bob Creation management: the economies of erath stewardship
Goudzwaard, Bob A Christian Political Option book
Goudzwaard, Bob book review
Goudzwaard, Bob Christian Politics and the Principle of Sphere Sovereignty
Goudzwaard, Bob Christian Social Thought in the Dutch Neo-Calvinist tradition
Goudzwaard, Bob Economic Stewardship versus Capitalist Religion syllabus
Goudzwaard, Bob Economic theory and the normative aspects of reality
Goudzwaard, Bob Economics and Theology
Goudzwaard, Bob Ethical Dimesnions of a Globalising Economy
Goudzwaard, Bob Freedom and Justice: ...
Goudzwaard, Bob From Death to Shalom"
Goudzwaard, Bob Globalization"
Goudzwaard, Bob Globalization, regionalization and Sphere-Soverengty
Goudzwaard, Bob Interview - Goudzwaard and Cramp
Goudzwaard, Bob Market, Money, Capital
Goudzwaard, Bob New Introduction
Goudzwaard, Bob Norms for the International Economic Order"
Goudzwaard, Bob Spirals of life and death ...
Goudzwaard, Bob Towards Reformation in Economics ICS class syllabus
Goudzwaard, Bob Types of Government Economic Policy
Goudzwaard, Bob VvCW conference summary and journal article
Goudzwaard, Bob Who Cares?
Goudzwaard, Bob Why poverty grows
Goudzwaard, Bob World Poverty - A Contribution
Goudzwaard, Bob 1. The overdevelopment of the West
Goudzwaard, Bob 2. Our god have failed us
Goudzwaard, Bob 3. Socioeconomic life - a way of confession
Goudzwaard, Bob Authority abused (April 1976)
Goudzwaard, Bob Christian Economics? (A review) (1971)
Goudzwaard, Bob Economic life - a confession from A Christian Union in Labour's Wasteland (1978)
Goudzwaard, Bob Economics and Christian faith: an interview with Bob Goudzwaard
Goudzwaard, Bob The religious crisis of our times: have our gods failed us? (1972)
Goudzwaard, Bob Bible and economy: two reflections 
Goudzwaard, Bob Christianity and economics (1996s)
Goudzwaard, Bob Globalization, exclusion, enslavement (1996)
Gousemett, Chris Hope of the resurrection
Gousmett, Chris   A latter day Augustinian: Diemer on creation and miracle    
Gousmett, Chris   Creation order and miracle according to Augustine
Gousmett, Chris   Descartes and the theory of contingency
Gousmett, Chris   Dooyeweerd on Faith and apostasy
Gousmett, Chris   Miracles: signs of the coming kingdom
Gousmett, Chris  The Christ of the Spirit in Athanasius and Kuyper
Gousmett, Chris A Covenantal Perspective on the Earth and its Human Management
Gousmett, Chris The nature of miracle and the miracle of nature:
Gousmett, Chris Christianity and politics: a reformational perspective
Gousmett, Chris Education in God's world
Gousmett, Chris Bavinck and Kuyper on miracles
Gousmett, Chris Humanity of Jesus
Gousmett, Chris Jesus ate in their presence
Gousmett, Chris Old age, new age, age to come
Gousmett, Chris Realising your purpose in life
Gousmett, Chris The glory of the unseen God
Gousmett, Chris The Lord will come with the storm
Gousmett, Chris The true temple of God
Gousmett, Chris Free from condemnation
Gousmett, Chris Faith in the unseen
Gousmett, Chris Economics in Christian perspective
Gousmett, Chris Cornerstone values
Gousmett, Chris God has concealed himself in Jesus
Gousmett, Chris God keeps his promises
Gousmett, Chris God the creator of time
Hanson, David How the reformational movement got started in the UK
Hanson, Ruth Lives in your Hands
Harinck, George Poetry of Theologian Geerhardus Vos
Harinck, George The position of the church as Institute in Society
Harinck, George The Geelkerken case and modern culture
Harinck, George Abraham Kuyper's historical understanding and reformed historiography
Harinck, George Abraham Kuyper, south Africa na dapartheid
Harinck, George The reception of liberation of 1944 in CR circles
Harinck, George Dinner Speech
Hebden Taylor, E L The state in western history
Hebden Taylor, E L Reformational Understanding of Marriage and family
John Vander Stelt Church in society (an orientation)
Kamphof, Eric J.  Masters thesis on Vollenhoven
Klapwijk, Jaap Commemoration: On the First and Second History
Klapwijk, Jaap Pluralism of norms and values
Klapwijk, Jaap John Calvin
Klapwijk, Jaap Antithesis and common grace
Klapwijk, Jaap On worldviews in philosophy
Klapwijk, Jaap Reformational philosophy on the boundary between past and present
Klapwijk, Jaap Antithesis, synthesis and the idea of transformational philosophy
Klapwijk, Jaap The universal in Hans-Georg Gadamer
Klapwijk, Jaap Rationality in the Dutch neo-calvinist tradtion
Klapwijk, Jaap Science and social responsibility in neo-marxist and christian perspective
Klapwijk, Jaap Calvin and neo-calvinism on non-christian philosophy
Klapwijk, Jaap Reason reversed Ch 1
Klapwijk, Jaap Antithesis and common grace
Klapwijk, Jaap Epilogue: the idea of a transformational philosophy
Klapwijk, Jaap The struggle for christian philosophy
Klapwijk, Jaap Dooyeweerd's Christian philosophy
Kuyper, Abraham The Evolution of the Use of the Bible in Europe
Kuyper, Abraham Days of Glad tidings
McIntire, C Thomas Dooyeweerd's philosophy of history
McIntire, C Thomas The Renewal of Christian Views of History in an Age of Catastrophe
McIntire, C. Thomas Dooyeweerd in North America
McIntire, C. Thomas God's work in history: the post-biblical epoch
Olthuis, James H Chapter 6
Olthuis, James H Chapter 7
Olthuis, James H. On Worldviews [pdf]
Olthuis, James H. The word of God and biblical authority
Olthuis, James H. The word of God and creation
Olthuis, James H. Values and valuation 
Olthuis, James H. Chapter 1
Otto, Paul In the twilight of Dooyeweerd's corpus
Popma, K J A Battle for Righteousness: The Message of the Book of Job
Quadros Gouveais, R Introducing reformational philosophy in Brazil: a hopeful report
Rice, Martin A. What is a science?
Ridgway, Ian A Disclosing model of psychotherapy
Ridgway, Ian Circumambulating interpersonal sensitive disclosure therapy using rational emotive behaviour therapy
Roper, Duncan The earth as a garden for all creatures
Roper, Duncan The reformational contribution to aesthetic theory
Roper, Duncan The gospel, art and aesthetic theory
Roper, Duncan On the Distinction Between Science and Common Sense
Roper, Duncan Wanted: A new song unto the Lord
Roper, Duncan A Christian Look at Educating Art & Aesthetics
Roper, Duncan A Christian Philosophy of Culture
Roper, Duncan Whom Shall We Serve: Clamour in the Midst of Silence
Roper, Duncan Paradise Lost - The Threat to Constitutional Democracy in NZ
Roper, Duncan The Spirits That Motivate The World - Homosexuality
Roper, Duncan Humanity as a community called to love and serve
Roper, Duncan Do Computers Think?
Roper, Duncan A Mustard Seed in New Zealand Education
Roper, Duncan Euler and the Konisberg bridges: some lessons for the philosophy of mathematics
Roques, Mark Cadbury and Dooyeweerd
Roques, Mark Storytelling, subversive questions and christian mission
Roques, Mark Dooyeweerd through stories
Roques, Mark Pedagogy and epistemology
Roques, Mark  Maths and the Disenchanted Cosmos
Roques, Mark  Pub philosophy: Engaging the Great Philosophers with Beer, Cigars and Crisps
Roques, Mark  Romanticism
Roques, Mark  The Enlightenment
Roques, Mark  The Rennaisance
Roques, Mark & Jones, Arthur What is distinctive about reality bites approach to school work I
Roques, Mark & Jones, Arthur What is distinctive about reality bites approach to school work II
Russell, Richard A Looking at the medieval programme, how the church got involved and failed to reform it
Russell, Richard A Reformation, popular literacy, callings, marriage, natural science etc 
Russell, Richard A Where is Francis Schaeffer going?
Russell, Richard A Going round the prickly pear of British education
Russell, Richard A Natural theology: is it scriptural?
Russell, Richard  Confessions of a book-pushing ideologue
Russell, Richard Starting with Plato and a biblical critique
Russell, Richard In defence of Dooyeweerd
Russell, Richard  Dooyewerdian diagrams
Russell, Richard  In Defence of Dooyeweerd and of Christian Philosophy
Schuurman, Egbert Futurology or eschatology
Schuurman, Egbert Technology in a christian-philosophical perspective
Schuurman, Egbert Information society: cultural impoverishment or enrichment (c. 1983)
Schuurman, Egbert A confrontation with technicism as the spiritual climate of the West (1996)
Seerveld, Calvin  Reformational Christian philosophy and Christian college education 
Seerveld, Calvin Christian faith for today.
Seerveld, Calvin Vollenhoven's legacy for art historiography.
Seerveld, Calvin Towards a cartographic methodology for art
Seerveld, Calvin Prov 25: 11-15.
Seerveld, Calvin Will you be a joke to God? (Prov 24) .
Seerveld, Calvin Tomorrow is the gift of the Lord' Prov 27: 1-11
Seerveld, Calvin Proverbs 27 again'
Seerveld, Calvin How God's word in Proverbs communicates'
Seerveld, Calvin Uncover wrong to heal things straight' (Prov 25:2-10)
Seerveld, Calvin Prov 27.
Seerveld, Calvin God's gifts our thank offering - an interview
Seerveld, Calvin Reading the Bible and understanding art
Seerveld, Calvin A Christian tin-can theory of man
Seerveld, Calvin Pain is a four-letter word
Seerveld, Calvin Philosophy as schooled memory
Seerveld, Calvin Reading the Bible like a grown-up child
Seerveld, Calvin The gift of artistry - God's clothing for human life
Seerveld, Calvin The evil of authoritarianism' (Prov 29)
Seerveld, Calvin Creativity
Sewell, Alida Leni Paul at Athens
Sewell, Keith  The Idea of a Free Christian University
Sewell, Keith  A High Challenge for Tough Times
Sewell, Keith  That Was Then, This is Now
Sewell, Keith  The Bible, Science and Scholarsip
Sewell, Keith  The Eclipse of History and the Crisis in the Humanities
Sewell, Keith Review of Dooyeweerd's Roots of Western Culture
Sewell, Keith Mustard Seed in Australia
Sewell, Keith (ed)  Hendrik Van Riessen The University and its Basis
Sewell, Keith (ed)  Jan D. Dengerink The Necessity of Christian Universities
Sillevis Smit, J H Our Father in heaven
Simons, Petrus Reformational philosophy in New Zealand
Skillen, Jim Christians Organizing for Political Service
Skillen, Jim Public Justice and True Tolerance
Skillen, Jim Christian Action and the Coming of God’s Kingdom
Skillen, Jim Philosophy of the cosmonomic idea: Herman Dooyeweerd's thought
Spykman, Gordon The institutional church in history
Spykman, Gordon Spectacles
Spykman, Gordon Beyond words to actions
Spykman, Gordon How is scripture normative in ethics?
Spykman, Gordon Theology queen or servant?
Spykman, Gordon A confessional hermeneutic
Stafleu, M D Quantum physics and the philosophy of the cosmonomic idea
Stafleu, M D Framework ch1 of Time and Again
Stafleu, M D Relations and characters in Protestant philsophy
Stafleu, M D Quantum physics and the philsophy of the cosmonomic idea'
Stafleu, M. D. Relations and Characters
Steen, Pete The Structure of Herman Dooyeweerd's Thought
Steen, Pete The problem of time and eternity in its relation to the nature-grace ground-motive'
Steen, Pete Dooyeweerd and the Amsterdam Philosophy, by Ronald H Nash.
Steen, Pete Review Worldly Theology: The Hermeneutical Focus of an Historical Faith
Steen, Pete Review The Basis of Christian Faith: A Modern Defense of the Christian Religion
Steen, Pete Review Understanding God: The Key Issue in Present-Day Protestant Thought, by Frederick Herzog..
Steen, Pete Review Set Forth Your Case, by Clark H Pinnock..
Strauss, Danie Scholarly communication
Strauss, Danie Justice, legal validity and the force of law with special reference to Derrida, Dooyeweerd and Habermas
Strauss, Danie The (social) construction of the world - at the crossroads of Christianity and Humanism
Strauss, Danie Appropriating the legacy of Dooyeweerd
Strauss, Danie Constancy and dynamics
Strauss, Danie Just public legal order and the ideal of (equitable) transformation
Strauss, Danie Did Darwin initially develop a theory of evolution in the biological sense of the word?
Strauss, Danie The concept of number: multiplicity and sucession between cardinalitry and ordinality
Strauss, Danie Infinity and Continuity: The mutual dependence and distinctness of multiplicity and wholeness.
Strauss, Danie  An Analysis of the Structure of Analysis (The Gegenstand-relation in discussion)
Strauss, Danie  Does it make sense to distinguish between the natural sciences and the humanities?
Strauss, Danie  Historical and systematic considerations relevant to an assessment of the position of the university.
Strauss, Danie  How “rational” is “rationality”?
Strauss, Danie  Intellectual influences upon the reformational philosophy of Dooyeweerd
Strauss, Danie  Is a Christian Mathematics possible?
Strauss, Danie  Philosophical Perspectives on Leisure, Play and Sport.
Strauss, Danie  Reason: Its Kaleidoscopic ideological interface.
Strauss, Danie  Reductionism in Mathematics: Philosophical Reflections
Strauss, Danie  Science and Scholarship in Historical Perspective
Strauss, Danie  The “Copernican turn” of biology in the 20th Century
Strauss, Danie  The Achilles' heel of positivism
Strauss, Danie  The best known but least understood part of Dooyeweerd's philosophy. 
Strauss, Danie  The contemporary challenge to Christian scholarship
Tol, Anthony  In memoriam: Vollenhoven
Van Belle, Harry The impact of WWII on the Reformed Dutch in the Netherlands  and Canada
van der Walt, B J The value and task of philosophy
van der Walt, B J Calvinistic outlook
van der Walt, B J Radical biblical anthropology
van der Walt, B J Ethics: theoretical or practical science
van der Walt, B J The national and international structure CHEd
van der Walt, B J Lend wings to calvinism
van der Walt, B J From Noyon to Geneva
van der Walt, B J Contemporary Research on the C16 reformation
van der Walt, B J 2nd Int Calvin Congress
van der Walt, B J The IAC
van der Walt, B J Introduction in Circular
van der Walt, B J The relevancy to the balck peoples
van der Walt, B J Renaissance and Reformation
van der Walt, B J Vision - reality - vistas
van der Walt, B J Was Calvin a calvinist?
van der Walt, B J Report on 1st ICPCHE
van der Walt, B J The underlying Nootigedacht
van der Walt, B J Woman and marriage in the middle ages
van der Walt, B J education, teaching, training
van der Walt, B J The calling of government and citizen
van der Walt, B J A vision of renewal for education in SA
van der Walt, B J The idea of reform
van der Walt, B J Window on the World
van der Walt, B J Leave, cleave and be one
van der Walt, B J A Christian University
van der Walt, B J Human dignity and identity according to apartheied
van der Walt, B J Why 'Christinaity & democarcy in SA'
van der Walt, B J What happened to God in new SA
van der Walt, B J Religion & society
van der Walt, B J What does it mean to be reformed?
van der Walt, B J Reformation and/ or renaissance?
van der Walt, B J The Bible on povery and wealth
van der Walt, B J Religion, diversity, intolerance, freedom, equivalence, uniqueness and tolerance
van der Walt, B J The secret of becoming a real Christian
van der Walt, B J Culture, worldview and religion
van der Walt, B J Ad Fontes
Van Dyke, Harry Abraham Kuyper
Van Dyke, Harry Abraham Kuyper: heir of anti-revolutionary tradition
Van Dyke, Harry Kuyper the politician
Van Dyke, Harry Abraham kuyper on separate organizations
Van Woudenberg Darwinian and teleological expanations: are they incompatible?
Van Woudenberg, R Truth, the goal of science
Van Woudenberg, R Design in nature: some current issues
Van Woudenberg, R Abraham Kuyper and science
Vollenhoven, D H Th Lecture notes on Kant
Vollenhoven, D H Th The foundations of Calvinist thought
Vollenhoven, D H Th Het Calvinischme en de Reformatie van de Wijsbegeerte (transl)
Wearne, Bruce Annotated bibliography of Roy Clouser
Wearne, Bruce Reading the Bible or Life-Direction on the Path of Scholarship
Wearne, Bruce Book Review: The Myth of Religious Neutrality
Wearne, Bruce Social Theory and the Myth of Religious Neutrality
Wearne, Bruce Public Justice for all (revised edn)
Wearne, Bruce Cultivating Care Within A Vulnerable Economy (2nd edn)
Wearne, Bruce A collection of essays
Wearne, Bruce And miles to go before I sleep
Wearne, Bruce Public Justice for all (1st edn)
Wearne, Bruce Cultivating Care Within A Vulnerable Economy (Goudzwaard bibliography)
Wearne, Bruce Calvin and Dooyeweerd
Wearne, Bruce A new beginning in Christian sociology
Wearne, Bruce Seed: the salt of the earth is no opiate of the masses
Wearne, Bruce Christian socila science as a vocation
Wearne, Bruce Graduate conferecne
Wearne, Bruce Review of hans Rookmaaker
Wearne, Bruce A Christian Social Perspective by Storkey
Wearne, Bruce Marx's theses on Feuerbach
Wearne, Bruce Whatever happened to Michael Grffiths
Wearne, Bruce Samuel Elit Morison's tercentenary lament
Wearne, Bruce  Interview with Professors Eiichi Yamamote and Michiya Murata
Wearne, Bruce  Interview with Mark Roques
Wearne, Bruce A Christian Study Centre and  the Re-Formation Of Academic Qualifications 
Wearne, Bruce A Free University And Professional Formation
Wearne, Bruce Christian Students In The University Crisis 
Wearne, Bruce Evangelicals And Their Political Problems With Christian Education
Wearne, Bruce John Dawkins Versus John Calvin
Wearne, Bruce Voluntary Student Unionism
Wearne, Bruce  Interview with Adolpho de la Sienra Garcia
Wearne, Bruce Deism and the Absence of Christian Sociology
Wearne, Bruce Interview with Bob Goudzwaard
Wearne, Bruce Inteview with Jim Skillen
Wearne, Bruce Review Essay: The Calvinistic ethic and the spirit of renewal in some recent Christian scholarship
Wearne, Bruce Reading the Bible or Life-Direction on the Path of Scholarship 
Wearne, Bruce Electronic Tickets, Youth Despair And The Fabric Of Urban Society
Wearne, Bruce Ticket and Travel - 20 propositions
Weideman, Albert Constitutive and regulative conditions for the assessment of academic literacy
Weideman, Albert Uncharted territory: an emerging paradigm and the foundations of applied linguistics
Weideman, Albert A framework for the study of linguistics - presentation slides
Weideman, Albert What is linguistics?
Weideman, Albert Formal approaches to the description of English: syntax
Weideman, Albert Constitutive and regulative conditions for the assessment of academic literacy
Weideman, Albert Theses on P.A. Verburg's linguistic theory
Weideman, Albert The role of the psychology of language in applied linguistics
Weideman, Albert Faith and objectivity in linguistic science
Weideman, Albert 1999 Five generations of applied linguistics: some framework issues
Weideman, Albert The old and the new: reconsidering eclecticism in language teaching
Weideman, Albert Towards accountability: a point of orientation …
Weideman, Albert Assessing and developing academic literacy
Weideman, Albert Transparency and accountability in applied linguistics
Weideman, Albert Assessing academic literacy in a task-based approach
Weideman, Albert A systematically significant episode in applied linguistics
Weideman, Albert Overlapping and divergent agendas: Writing and applied linguistics research.
Weideman, Albert The redefinition of applied linguistics: modernist and postmodernist views
Weideman, Albert Three journeys: one tradition
Weideman, Albert Philosophical elements in Four Quartets
Weideman, Albert A responsible agenda for applied linguistics
Weideman, Albert The idea of lingual economy
Wolters, Al On the Idea of Worldview and Its Relation to Philosophy
Wolters, Al Worldview and Textual Criticism in 2 Peter 3:10
Wolters, Al The Intellectual Milieu of Herman Dooyeweerd
Wolters, Al Dutch Neo-Calvinism: Worldview, Philosophy and Rationality,
Wolters, Al The Foundational Command: ‘Subdue the Earth!
Wolters, Al Ideas have legs
Wolters, Al Breaking out of the evangelical world-view
Wolters, Al Hallowed be thy creation
Wolters, Al The centre and the circumference
Wolters, Al In memoriam: Vollenhoven
Wolters, Al Vollenhoven on the 'word of God
Wolters, Al Ground motives
Wolters, Al On Vollenhoven's Problem-Historical Method
Wolterstorff, Nick Dooyewerd: an appreciation
Young, William Herman Dooyeweerd'  from Creative Minds in Contemporary Theology
Zylstra, Bernie The Society of the Future
Zylstra, Bernie The crisis of our time and the evangelical churches
Zylstra, Bernie The kingdom of God: its foundations and implications
Zylstra, Bernie Who was Groen?
Zylstra, Bernie The Christian teacher and history..
Zylstra, Bernie The place of Christianity in out times
Zylstra, Bernie Do Christians have a political future?
Zylstra, Bernie The individual gospel
Zylstra, Bernie The Bible, justice and the state
Zylstra, Bernie The post-Christian humanism of Karl Marx
Zylstra, Bernie Voegelin on unbelief and revolution
Zylstra, Bernie Modernity and the American empire
Zylstra, Bernie The power of nuclear arms
Zylstra, Bernie Three kinds of rights

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