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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Odds and sods

IVP have a website to complement an interesting book: Should Christians Embrace Evolution?
61 free apps - a useful list from lifehacker
A review of John Walton's Lost World of Genesis One by C John Collins [HT Reformed Academic]
So who created the Internet?
An archive of The January Series lectures at Calvin College is available here. HT Jamie K A Smith, who is the Jan 2010 lecturer.
Baptism debate audio some links from R Scott Clark here.
Swalesy has posted the slides from his recent talk on the idolatry of science and technology here.
The billion pound o-gram a brilliant visual illustration of where our money goes.
Shed loads of apologetics mp3s linked here at Apologetics 315
Byron Borger's list of marriage books
More H Evan Runner resources on-line links via the Runner blog

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