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Friday, 23 October 2009

What were your last five amazon purchases? or book purchases?

This is a question posed by Jon Swales.

Mine are:

from amazon (or mostly amazon book place)

Church, State and Public Justice: Five Views.
I got this because I like the multiviews books and it had a chapter on the principled pluralism view that develops the idea of sphere sovereignty.

Called to Holy Worldliness by Richard Mouw
I bought this when I was preparing a talk on Col 3 and I loved the title and saw it cheap.

In the Phyrigian Mode: Neo-calvinism, Antiquity and the lamentations of reformational philosophy
I've been wanting to get hold of this for a while - but it had been too expensive, but I spotted it cheap second hand on amazon. A great collection of essays.

From other second hand booksellers (not amazon)

Confessing Christ in Doing Politics ed B J van der Walt and R Swanepoel
This is a brilliant collection of articles on reformational politics - I've wanted to get hold of this for some time it was a bit pricey, but well worth it.  Several of the articles have been scanned and are now on alloflife redeemed.

Our Reformational Tradition: a rich heritage and lasting vocation ed. B J van der Walt
This was another second-hand buy. I thought the price looked great €11 but then discovered that the postage was that again and more! hopefully, (c) permittingh some of the articles will be appearing on all of life redeemed.

 So, what were your last five amazon or book purchases?

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