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Friday, 17 July 2009

At Home in God's World - B J van der Walt

I'm pleased to announce that Bennie van der Walt has a new book published in August/ Sept: At Home in God's World: A transforming paradigm for being human and for social involvement.
ISBN: 978-1-86822-570-5


Preface: Prof. J. J. Venter
Recommendations: Dr Samson Makhado and Revd Isaac Mutua
Introduction: Why and how to be at home in God’s world

The biblical basis of a Christian worldview and philosophy

1. The directives of God’s Word for ethical/moral behaviour
2. How to read the Bible to hear God speak and understand our social responsibility

Christian-philosophical basics

3. John Calvin (1509-1564) the father of a transforming Christian worldview
4. An overview of the global presence of a Christian Reformational philosophy and scholarship
5. A new paradigm for doing Christian philosophy: D. H. Th. Vollenhoven (1892-1978)
6. God’s ordinances: providing direction in a crisis of norms and values

A multidimensional Christian view of being human

7. John Calvin’s struggle to attain a truly biblical view of the human being
8. The biblical perspective on being human
9. The human heart rediscovered in the anthropology of Dirk H. Th. Vollenhoven
10. Imaging God in the contemporary world
11. Even death cannot separate us from God and his creation

A Christian social philosophy

12. The biblical foundations and historical development of a Christian paradigm for social involvement
13. A systematic exposition and practical application of a transforming Christian social philosophy
14. Towards a normative practice
15. A partnership model for transforming development cooperation in Africa



Anonymous said...

Hi Bennie,

Congratulations on what promises to be (even just looking at the themes as they appear in your contents index)an exceptional work.

I am looking forward to read it.

Regards and best,

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MOB: +27 72 307 2709 (mobile)

Tim said...

Imposing cover design! The chapter titles look promising.

Anonymous said...

Hi can you tell me where to get this book? Its not listed on amazon or abebooks or others. Also I also want a copy of Leaders with a Vision:
How Christian Leadership Can Tackle the African Crisis
by B. J. Van der Walt
ISBN 186822189X / 9781868221899 / 1-86822-189-X

but can not find it anywhere. Is there a place I can order these or perhaps pay for them via ebook purchasing?

thank you much