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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Odds and sods

Unmasking the new age Jesus by Doug Groothuis

Piers Paul Read reviews Terry Eagleton's Reason, Faith and Revolution in The Observer:
The book stems from lectures he gave at Yale in 2008 and the jokes transfer well from the auditorium to the page. It is essentially a contra-Dawkins and contra-Hitchens polemic: he conflates the two angry atheists as "Ditchkins" and successfully shreds what they say in their books. "This straw-targeting of Christianity is now drearily commonplace among academics and intellectuals - that is to say, among those who would not allow a first-year student to get away with the vulgar caricatures in which they themselves indulge with such insouciance."
Mike Wittmer reviews Blomberg's A Case for Historic Premillennialism

John Loftus claims that atheism isn't a religion: 'It's not even a worldview'.

Gideon Strauss has been interviewing the borad of the Center for Public Justice; including:

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