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Friday, 8 August 2008

Who is this?

I downloaded this image from the web a while ago. Unfortunately, I've forgotten who it is (and where i downloaded it from)! I suspect it might be Schilder - or it could be Zuidema? Does anyone have any idea?


Elbert Baas said...

Well, I happen to have a photo-biography of Klaas Schilder on the shelf, and Schilder was never (entirely) bald on the top of his head. The chap you're looking for certainly was by the looks of it.

Does the reference in the bottom of the picture to the "Collectie Moluks Historisch Museum" provide you or anyone with a further clue?

Elbert said...

Yes, that was a clue:

I think we should still meet somehow, somewhere :) Planning any trips to the Netherlands soon?

Steve Bishop said...

Brilliant! Many thanks Elbert.

I've no plans at the moment to visit the Netherlands - but if I do I''l be in touch.