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Monday, 19 May 2008

More on post-charismatic?

There is some debate on the origins of the term post-charismatic, the title of Rob McAlpine's book (see my review below). Apparently jonnybaker and Doug Gay used it in their book Alternative Worship and Gerald Coates used it in 2001, Timothy Miller edited a book with Postcharismatic in the title, but the first use could perhaps be traced back to John Wimber who used it in the eighties (unless anyone knows otherwise?).

Here are some reviews of Post-charismatic?:
Any others?


david said...

i'm pretty sure rob attributed Wimber with using the term post-charismatic, but in a different sense. Wimber used it in a 'what happens after the charismatic is done', while robbie uses it to describe not something that comes after, but something that arises from and in the midst of.

Steve Bishop said...

Hi David,

Yes - you are right. I should have made that clearer.

david said...

man.. i should have read the post before this. i like how you differentiated the useage much better.

Steve Bishop said...

Just spotted:
Lyn Hallewell's review