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Monday, 20 August 2007

On Dawkins - a compilation of links

A reducio ad absurdum: The Dawkins Delusion

Dawkins' websites

God Delusion
  • William Lane Craig examines Dawkin's 'argument for atheism' here.
  • Macht has started to blog through Dawkins' God Delusion. I and II. As always, Macht has some insightful comments.
  • Alister McGrath 'The Dawkins delusion'


In general

Book responses to Dawkins

  • God Delusion Debate David Quinn vs. Richard Dawkins Click Here to listen
  • Is God a Delusion? Atheism and the Meaning of Life Alister McGrath Click Here to listen
  • God Delusion Debate Alister McGrath vs. Richard Dawkins Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Dawkins and McGrath chaired by Joan Bakewell here.


  • Dawkins Q&A session on the God Delusion:

Dawkins answering questions

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charlescameron said...

Thanks for the links, Steve. I watched the Dawkins interview of Alister McGrath. It was very interesting.