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Sunday, 15 July 2007

24 and philosophy

It had to happen a book on 24 and Philosophy. Availbale in October from Blackwells.

24 and Philosophy is a book you just can't do without. It's all here, folks: the reason Presidents trust him; how Jack cuts through the lies and ambiguities; why he puts his life on the line for others; and how he knows which knee cap to blow out to get that all-important next lead. With the help of twenty "24 crazed" philosophers, you'll figure out what makes this guy tick, and much much more.

* A witty, but philosophical exploration of the popular television series 24, now in its sixth season
* Addresses pressing ethical issues relating to torture, terrorism and warfare
* Raises fascinating questions about knowledge, loyalty, and suspicion
* Explores in-depth the character and behaviour of Jack Bauer
* Written by philosophers who are all serious fans of the show

[HT Between two worlds]

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Baus said...

This whole series, initially conceived by Bill Irwin, was first published by "Open Court Pub.Co." [they have a podcast]. I guess Blackwell has now picked up the series?

Here's an article on the series by TPM. And here's the answer to one of their suggestions (cf. other books in the series in the righthand sidebar).

Steve Bishop said...

Hi Gregory,
I was aware of the Bill Irwin' series - I have two of them Matrix and LoTR. I wasn't aware thet there was a Monty Python book though! That's one for the Christmas list.

Having looked at:
It looks like Bill Irwin is the series editor for the Blackwell series too.