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Monday, 5 March 2007

Fashionable dictionary

The folks at has bought us a fashionable dictionary. Here are some interesting entries:


Nice, warm, cooperative way of evaluating ideas, much better than argument.


Exploded concept. Foolish, Platonic notion that we can get our facts straight.


Unpleasant, testosterone-driven method of supporting one's assertions, to be avoided in favour of acceptance.


1. Essential technique, replacing the need for argument and evidence.

2. To be greeted with acceptance, rather than argument.


Something to be examined when it is our opponent's and taken for granted when it is our own.


Adjective for someone who insists on disagreeing with me, and goes on disagreeing even after I've said how right I am.


Sharply criticising something that I approve of.


Brutal, violent intrusion of arbitrary material into the clean innocent heads of children, which should be left empty.


Someone who knows more than I do.


Ideas we don't agree with. Probably exploitative.

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