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Sunday, 27 August 2006

Some useful free on-line tools

If you are looking for a book in a nearby library then try World Cat.

According to WordCat there are only seven copies of Roy Clouser's excellent book The Myth of Religious Neutrality (2nd edn) in British libraries! Two at the British library in Wetherby, and copies at Cambridge, Oxford, London and Leeds Universities and one at West Malling in Kent.

And there is - according to WordCat - only one copy of Yong Joon Choi's Herman Dooyeweerd's Transcendental Critique in a UK library: Edinburgh University.

Though I must admit I was pleased to see that a copy of a book I once I co-wrote The Earth is the Lord's is available in six libraries - including Dublin, Oxford and Cape Town!

Google have recently released two new useful tools: notebook and writely a web word processor that enables sharing of documents and collaboration on documents.

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