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Monday, 5 June 2006

Stafleu: Time and Again

I have just put up a pdf of the first chapter of Marinus Dirk Stafleu's excellent Time and Again book on the Stafleu pages of All of life redeemed. The first chapter provides an excellent overview of how Dooyeweerd's ideas relates to physics.

There is a review of Time and Again  here, by Arnold Sikkema. He concludes:

Stafleu’s Time and Again demonstrates the utility of the PCI for physics in a convincing way.  Even physicists who are not Christians will find themselves often agreeing with it albeit for completely different reasons. The two main successes of Stafleu are, in my view, an insightful analysis of the development of physics from antiquity through classical to modern as a systematic opening up of creation, and the description of “having” properties as being in the law more than in the entity.

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