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Thursday, 7 July 2005

Bombs in London

It appears that the bombings in London were the result of Islamic terrorism. My concern is that innocent Muslims will be scapegoated.

Arthur Jones has written a brilliant paper on Understanding Islamic Terrorism - Arthur knows his stuff, he has been a missionary in the Ismaic world and among Muslims in the UK. It is well worth checking out.

He concludes:

We will not destroy Islamic terrorism by destroying Islamic countries. For the world to be freed from Islamic terrorism it must be freed from false beliefs. For us, the call is to pray for our Muslim colleagues and neighbours, and to offer them unconditional friendship and hospitality. On the wider canvas the call is to radical mission and community, not to missiles and mayhem.

The world must also be freed from our culture’s false beliefs. For many Westerners it is also a time of confusion and disillusionment. They are repulsed by the naked greed and materialism of our Western societies and perplexed by the naturalism of Western science. They long for a secure place in the moral void. For us, the second call is to repentance and faith, and to the vibrant life of the community of Christ.

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