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Tuesday, 14 June 2005

Gifford Lectures On-line

There is now a Gifford Lectures web site:
The online Gifford Lectures database presents a comprehensive collection of books derived from the Gifford Lectures. In addition to the books, the Web site contains biographies of each lecturer as well as a summary of the lecture or book. The Web site also contains a biography of Adam Lord Gifford, a copy of his will bequeathing money to each of the four major Scottish universities to hold the lectures, a brief description of natural theology, an introduction to each of the four universities, and news about upcoming Gifford-related events.
Past Gifford lecturers have included John Polkinghorne, Ian Barbour, Edward Caird, John Hedley Brooke, Antony Flew, Arthur Stanely Eddington and A. N. Whitehead.

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