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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Resources for a Christian approach to Psychology

Updated December 2017 (original Sept 2008)

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Tory Hoff

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Ian Ridgeway

Lectures given during 2006 and 2007 at Tabor College, Melbourne, Australia as part of the Bachelor in Christian Counselling program

Earlier Lectures

Harry van Belle
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1. Psychology in a Postmodern Age.
2. Non-western Psychologies from Ancient Times.
3. Ancient Greek Psychologies: Man as the Measure of All Things.
4. The Biblical Drama & the Meaning of Personhood.
5. Psychologists & Psychology's Paradigm.
6. Psychology & the Brain-Mind Debate.
7. Behavioral Psychology at Seventy.
8. The Cognitive Revival.
9. Social Psychology: A Battleground between two paradigms.
10. Personality Psychology; an Ambiguous Ally.
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Organisations etc.

The Network of Christians in Psychology (NeCIP) is a UK-based organisation for Christian professional and student psychologists in academic and applied settings

Christian psychology forum

Christian Psychology: A Transdisciplinary Journal
Christian Psychology is published twice a year, by Society for Christian Psychology. The journal began with the name Edification but changed into Christian Psychology in 2013 to more directly expresses our agenda: Christian Psychology. We are using the term Christian psychology very broadly to cover the disciplined inquiry into the nature of human beings from the standpoint of a Christian world-and-life-view.

Journal of Psychology and Christianity - the journal of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies

Updated December 2017 (original Sept 2008)


tanyaa said...

The Journal of Psychology and Christianity is published by the Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS)- you can find information about them on the internet. The Journal of Psychology and Theology is published by the Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology. You can find some information on the internet.
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Ronbot Van Helsing said...

"Theophostic Prayer Ministry" is Scientology in disguise.

A "TPM facilitator" (Scientology Auditor) leads the seeker (Preclear) through a "session" (same term as in Scientology Auditing) of "guided imagery" and "directed visualization" ("Dianetic reverie", "mockups" and "mental image pictures") towards "mind renewal experience" ("Clear") by dealing with past buried memories that may still be bringing you down today ("Engrams").

They claim that they seek to bring you to self-responisibility (Hubbard's "Self determinism") even as they keep you addicted to more and more "TPM Sessions".

They call each person's session a "case" (just like Scientology) and offer "training", "courses" and "seminars" (just like Scientology) in TPM Facilitating, which is simply Auditing without the E-meter.